Marquee Hire in Leicestershire


What size marquee do I need?

Firstly you should decide on the approximate numbers of people for you event, say 100 or 150 people  and then choose the marquee you need. You must then add on extra space for dance floors, entrance/reception areas, bar area, DJ area etc. Remember, if you have the room you should always have a slightly larger area than you think you need because once you to put in extra equipment you lose space very quickly. There's nothing worse than a cramped marquee. Also, you caterers require space to work and prepare food so you also have to allow for a catering tent.

What fixtures and fittings do I need?

Flooring - Once you have decided on the size, you must then decide on how plush or how basic you want the inside of you marquee to look. We supply wooden flooring (which for winter bookings or bumpy uneven ground, is a must), and carpet flooring throughout the structure laid on a water proof underlay either on the grass or on to the wooden floor. Our stock of colour carpet is burgundy, which is good for all events, but we can supply at additional cost any colour carpet you decide if a special colour scheme is required.

Linings - Next is the linings. Our framed marquees are very presentable without linings, and you can fix decorations to the frame beams etc. However, they look absolutely amazing with pleated linings throughout. Again, we offer a choice of different swags to compliment any colour scheme. We also offer blackout or starcloth linings, which can be placed throughout the whole marquee or just in one section, e.g. the dance floor area, demanding on you choice or budget.

Furniture - The tables we offer are 5ft diameter that seat 8 people (note that some companies say 10, but we feel that this is too cramped and recommend 8), and trestle tables for the top table and buffet. Seating is either bistro chairs with draylon or burgundy pad, or gold banquet chairs with a wide choice of colour seat pads.

What lighting do I need?

We can supply chandelier style lighting for the main marquee that compliments the linings and can be supplied with a dimmer control. We can provide strip lighting for the catering tent and walkway areas. We can also supply outdoor lighting to illuminate entrance and toilet areas, floodlights to illuminate trees and buildings etc. This option is popular if you have a nice tree you wish to make a feature of. We can also supply uplighters. Please ask for a quotation if you require any of the lighting options.

Do I need toilet facilities?

For smaller events the toilet in your house will be sufficient, but for any event over 50 people you must consider supplying toilet facilities for your guests. The cheapest kind are the single unit chemical type, right up to luxury trailer units with gold plated taps and piped music etc. We will be happy to quote for you, again depending on the number of guests and your budget.

Do I need a power supply?

For smaller events we can run the lighting from any 13 amp socket in your house. However, if you need more power for caterers, DJ, toilet, outdoor lighting heating etc. then we recommend that for an extra cost we take care of all the power distribution by supplying a silent generator and distribution board. Please ask for a quotation or look at our distribution packages detailed on our price list. You should check well in advance the power requirements of the caterers and Band/DJ and whether they will supply their own extension sockets etc.

Do I need a heating system?

We recommend you book a heating system as an insurance against cold weather for any events until the end of May and then after September, as the evening can turn chilly. Our fans are placed outside so the fumes are burnt off and only clean warm air is pumped around the structure. The heaters work on thermostatic control so you don't have to worry about operating the system throughout your event. To help make the marquee even warmer, we suggest that you consider reserving a glazed entrance door. This not only improves the appearance of the marquee, but also stops cold air getting in by eliminating the need to keep closing the entrance flap throughout your celebration.

Why D&D Marquee Hire?

We are a family business taking pride in the marquees and equipment we supply, in the knowledge that our clients require a marquee for a special celebration or event - not something you do everyday!

There are lots of different types of marquee of varying quality supplied today, and as with any choice, it is a difficult task to make sure you choose the correct one for your requirements. We only supply the best clearspan frame marquees, carpets (not matting or plastic flooring), linings and fittings. We have built up a reputation for high quality marquee hire at sensible prices.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on being very professional, friendly and helpful, and the many thank you letters we receive make mention of this fact. We are always anxious to assist with any help and advice we can to make the planning of a special celebration an enjoyable experience, one that you will wish to repeat